Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Adulthood - Fabulous New Beginings

I was twenty-three and had recently been diagnosed with a condition which affected me in some ways that were very impacting. It turns out that I wasn’t A-sexual after all. It seems that my condition was directly affecting my sex drive and issues with weight and regularity of periods. It was hormonal. After I was put on medication to mediate the problem, I literally shed over twenty pounds in no time.

I always yo-yo’d with my weight over the years but I believe it to be partly due to my condition and partly due to poor diet. Once I shed all that weight and began realizing what “skinny” meant, I was doing anything and everything in my power to maintain that. I started working out heavily, starving, purging and restricting. In elementary school, while all the kids would eat lunch, I wouldn’t. I starting doing the same thing and being “ano” was THE thing and it worked like a charm.

Anyway, my girlfriend and I had decided to take a trip abroad together. When we got to our destination, it was all sun, drinks and bikinis. Needless to say we were very attractive, thin and ready to have a good time. I had always partied hard before with alcohol but this time was different. This time, men were all over me like white on rice; left right and center. I couldn’t push them off of me fast enough. I was like a testosterone magnet and I was fucking loving it. It was the first time that I ever had man after man after man hitting on me. It was wonderful and it was defied all logic.
Over the years, it never once dawned on me that I was never really truly hit on consistently. I had a few guys show interest in me and when I was partying I was always around guys but seldom were they sexually showing any interest. It was the first time I had realized what being “thin” and “beautiful” meant in this world. Everything in this world is about sex, except for sex. It’s about POWER.

On our trip, I immediately fell for a “love at first sight”, “head over heels” situation when I saw a local that I was incredibly hot for. It had never really occurred to me before that I was never really about animal attraction but I was now. I felt sexual intensity. I was horny and I needed to fuck this man. Apparently he felt it too because as soon as our eyes locked in the middle of the day, it continued on into the night at a night club where he stuck his hands up my skirt and fondled my pussy with his bare hands whilst I wore no panties. The next day, we met in the sauna on site and he fucked my brains out in the day time heat of the sun and spa. There it was, I had finally fucked someone new. After six years of fucking the same man, I had turned over a new leaf.

I can’t remember now if I already knew or not (I think I did but clearly didn’t care as usual) but his wife was there visiting him while he fucked me. She was probably sitting at the pool while he banged me too.

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