Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Teenage Years - My First Love - Part I

I regularly started smoking cigarettes at the tender age of twelve. In addition, I spent the majority of my young adulthood getting drunk in parks and smoking weed with friends. We spent days hanging out in groups; loitering and nights in parks, stairwells and garages.

As I mentioned before, with the exception of a pseudo-boyfriend at the age of twelve or thirteen who I fooled around with, I mostly A-sexual. I really had no interest in the opposite sex at all. I wasn't gay or even bi-sexual. I liked men. I just didn't have any physical, mental or emotional interest in them. I only had "friends".

When I was fifteen years old, I had started school at a new high school and met a group of boys through a girl friend of mine. I began to hang out with the "boys" constantly. It was always the group of guys and "me". I wasn't a tom-boy though. I never felt like a boy, dressed like a boy or liked boys sexually but I always "fit in" with the boys. I smoked, I drank alcohol, I swore, I liked weed and hash and generally men seemed smarter and more engaging. I think this is the reason boys took to me too. Not only was I a very well endowed young woman with large tits, but I was funny and I laughed at all the jokes and kept the guys entertained.

By this point, we'd literally spent the entire summer together on a daily basis. One night, I came over to my friends house before all his boys were to come over and hang out for the night. I can't recall exactly how or why this began but I remember laying on his couch on belly, back up and him giving me a massage. I don't really remember thinking much of it but only a few weeks later, he and I were alone again at a school parking lot late one night alone in his car. We got out of the car and started making out, standing up as he leaned with his back against his car. I remember putting my hand down his pants because he was wearing sweats and it was easy access and his dick was like a foreign object to me. With the exception of my "encounter" three years before, I really never saw or felt a cock before. It surprised me that it pointed upward out of his pants when he was erect.

And that was that, the night ended with a hand-job and a goodnight but it opened the flood gates to something I had never experienced before in my life and wouldn't soon forget. As September 1st came just a few weeks after that and we were started school he said to me ... "Since school starts tomorrow, I was hoping to draft you." Knowing his keen choice of words and witty personality, I knew this meant he was asking me to be his girlfriend.

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