Saturday, January 10, 2015

Adulthood - Growing Up - Part III

They say "keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" right? Well that's what I did. I secretly hated this cunt whore of a bitch and I didn't trust her as far as I could throw her but she wasn't going to get away with fucking me over. I would rather have spent every waking moment befriending her than ever allow her out of my sight.

Back in the day when I used to semi-stalk my ex, I befriended his ex-girlfriend who I hated because I was jealous of. But if she could provide with me with any kind of information and thought wholeheartedly for any one second that I was really her friend, I would take the opportunity. I later learned that I wasn't as smart as I thought after-all. Turns out her loyalty was still with him and even though she'd drop information every once in a while, I found out later that they'd still fucked at some point in time and for some length of time.

When I was just broken up with, there was someone I knew from elementary school who (I'm still good "friends" with even up until today) was very attractive but posed a threat. I had found out that he had asked her out on a "date" immediately after we'd broken up. So I quickly befriended her and manipulated her into providing me with details of their relationship and date and immediately manipulated her into believing his friend was a much better suitor for her. She took the bate. Nothing ever came of them.

My ex and his boys were also very close with another girl from my past. The friend who I used to pick up construction workers with in elementary school. I quickly re-kindled our friendship to ensure my army of informants was being built up in numbers. It also helped that one of my other friends was step-cousins with my ex too so I had information coming at me at all angles. Lastly, my ex had an old buddy who introduced me to his then girl friend. We hate each other the first day we met but then bonded quickly over a drunken night. My ex and him are no longer in contact and hadn't been for years but ironically, I'm still very "close" with both these ladies today too.

Needless to say, I stalked my so-called "friends" house along with my ex's house too. All hours of the day and night I would consistently do what we'd eventually coin the term as "drive-bys". This consisted of driving past any and every place possibly known to man that he or she or he and she could or would be spotted together.

None of my other friends ever understood how I would or could maintain contact and a relationship with her but no one really knew or understood what I was up to. I wasn't just driving by houses, parks, parking lots and venues. I was breaking into voicemail boxes and checking voicemails consistently. I knew that every time her phones text notification was going off it was him and I would want to fucking strangle her until her bulging lazy eye popped out of its socket but I waited patiently because I knew once I was "out of her life" any minor guilt she had felt would be gone and I didn't want them to end up together.

He and I were not on speaking terms during this time period and so it was always focused on her only. He and I were "not talking" so therefore she was my only "in". He was off limits. Shit finally hit the fan after months and months of me knowing and suspecting things. I listened to a voicemail he had left for her about them being in the same vacation spot together and I knew it was more than sex. It fucking killed me but I didn't step down or allow it to break me. The final straw was me driving by her place once night and seeing them in an embrace together in his car the night before she was slated to go off on some trip abroad. They both saw me and the cat was finally out of the bag. She tried to apologize and make amends; even calling me from the airport before boarding her flight but I was done. It was over and none of us could ever deny any of it any longer. She was cut off and I wanted nothing to do with her any more.

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