Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Love Triangle - Part III

The stakes just went right up. My ex had been confronted with the truth. A reality he was obviously not ready to accept. After all the years of stringing me along and never being my boyfriend again, he was all of a sudden anything and everything I ever wanted and needed for him to be. I couldn't fucking believe it. My interest in something else was literally driving him insane. I had no idea I could have that affect on him.

My long distance boyfriend was incredible. He was the kindest, sweetest most genuinely caring and compassionate man you'll ever meet in your life. I couldn't believe a man like this even existed. He was so emotionally available and attentive and our sex was incredible. Even though I would come back to my own city and live my double life, I couldn't deny that the attention and love he showed me was raw, real and I couldn't help falling for him. It was impossible not to love him when he would literally do anything for you. It didn't hurt that I loved fucking his brains out for hours and hours and was extremely attracted to him.

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